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Sentence to think about :  In the busy world of show business, it is not necessary to be a good musician to be familiar with the music.  Pierre Dac
Sentence to think about :  I am not a musician, but I love music passionately, and if air touches me, it amuses me, I listen with delight, I will not consider whether the music is French or Italian, I think Just as there is only one.  Carlo Goldoni
Sentence to think about :  That you become a teacher, scholar, or musician, have respect for the "sense", but do not imagine it is taught.  Hermann Hesse
Sentence to think about :  To make a bad musician, it takes at least five years of study. As for making a bad actor, it only takes ten minutes.  Coluche
Sentence to think about :  The musician is someone who can be relied on to provide reassurance to the neighbor, but it is also a reminder of what human excellence.  Yehudi Menuhin
Sentence to think about :  In the artistic hierarchy, the birds are the greatest musicians that exist on our planet.  Olivier Messiaen
Sentence to think about :  The music is the soul in harmony with all that exists.  Oscar Wilde
Sentence to think about :  The vase gives form to the emptiness, and music to silence.  Georges Braque
Sentence to think about :  What good attendance Plato, when a saxophone can also do us a glimpse of another world ?  Emil Michel Cioran
Sentence to think about :  Without music, life would be a mistake.  Friedrich Nietzsche
Sentence to think about :  We do not sell music. We share it.  Leonard Bernstein
Sentence to think about :  The more one knows about music, the less one is able to say something worthwhile.  Patrick Süskind
Sentence to think about :  The opera is opera, the symphony is the symphony, and I do not think it is nice to dance with the orchestra.  Giuseppe Verdi
Sentence to think about :  Mass of love - it seems that music is that for women.  Edmond et Jules de Goncourt
Sentence to think about :  There is no music more enjoyable than the variations of tunes.  Joseph Joubert
Sentence to think about :  Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.  Ludwig van Beethoven
Sentence to think about :  The real music is silence, and all notes are framed by silence.  Miles Davis
Sentence to think about :  The music, the most beautiful religion in the world where we are not threatened or promised.  Minou Drouet
Sentence to think about :  Jazz is what allows us to escape from everyday life.  Stéphane Grappelli
Sentence to think about :  The music deserves a second language compulsory in all schools in the world.  Paul Carvel
Sentence to think about :  Music gives a soul to our hearts and wings to thought.  Platon
Sentence to think about :  The beauty of music - like light - is that of speed, mobility, elusive.  Jean-Michel Jarre
Sentence to think about :  You do not need a brain to listen to music.  Luciano Pavarotti
Sentence to think about :  Music should humbly seek to please, the extreme complication is contrary to art.  Claude Debussy
Sentence to think about :  People who do not stand a chance to change the music world are those who do not like music.  Ben Harper
Sentence to think about :  The music drives the hatred in those who are without love. It gives peace to those who are restless, she comforts those who mourn.  Pablo Casals
Sentence to think about :  Our era is no longer music. She hides in the noise of men in their solitude suggesting what she thinks is music.  Jacques Attali
Sentence to think about :  It's not quite true that music soothes the soul. I even believe that harmony, a little in excess, leads the better man made ​​to a state of stupor and senility quite frisky.  Alphonse Allais
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articles/logo_guppy.gifswitch to guppy 4.6.16 - 05/09/2011 17:02 by saxbar
Again new with GuppY.

Pack 4.6.16 of GuppY, the cumulative patch 4.6.16 and the non-cumulative patch 4.6.16 are for download on

The installation of this release is essential for data security in private groups introduced in 4.6.15.

GuppYAsso is not outdone, a compatible version 4.6.16 is available with the latest versions of plugins that accompanies them.
Ditto for the plork.

articles/logo_guppy.gifnew forks - 25/08/2011 16:09 by saxbar
4 new forks for box side dynamics are available.
They are for the following plugins :
  • carnet_adresses
  • contact
  • dwnl_plus
  • ghost

articles/logo_guppy.gifforks update - 25/08/2011 09:25 by saxbar
New versions of forks for dynamic side boxes are online.
The novelty is the addition of additional status "Static". This status places the box in the open state, it is not possible to close it.
Another interesting feature : you can not put a title to freebox and menus. Simply replace it by a hyphen.
This is the case for example of the first box of this site with the post-it. It is with the status "Static" and untitled.
These features are simply managed in functions htable1() and btable1() in the file of each skin, it will obviously be replaced.

plugins update - 09/08/2011 10:02 by saxbar
The following plugins have been updated :
  • gestassomus : minor correction regarding the display of the box side 
  • ecartes : a longer update, it is an evolution, adding the management of the saints of the day 

articles/logo_guppy.gifUpdate of GuppY for association - 05/08/2011 14:43 by saxbar
Following the recent release of version 4.6.15 of GuppY, it was necessary to do the update for GuppY association.
This is done for the full version and for the plork.
The plugins included in this compilation are also to date.

Echange musical - 12/07/2011 13:20 by lucette72
Concert d'été de l'harmonie de Saint Vincent du lorouër (72).Le dimanche 28 Aout 2011 à 15H à l'étang.L'harmonie de Saint Vincent est heureuse d'accueillir le Brass band de Malvern (Angleterre).

articles/logo_guppy.gifNew plugin for GuppY - 21/06/2011 17:09 by saxbar
Always with the aim of helping musical associations, I just created a plugin GESTASSOMUS to manage any musical association.
This plugin is available in the downloads.
It installs like most of the plugins, simply copy the contents of the archive to the root of a GuppY site.
In order to improve and stick as close to reality, I open a topic on the forum "Corner of GuppYstes" to gather your opinions, suggestions for improvements.
This plugin is already in operation at the site of a harmony.
Of course, this development took place in the free software.

marathon de la musique - 21/06/2011 12:12 by   bf570
bonjour nous organisons le 26 juin 2011 un marathon de la musique avec un grand défilé a 15h dans la ville de creutzwald avec des BF, Brass band, Gugga Marching band, et Harmonie .cordialement B.Joseph 

recherche partition - 13/06/2011 09:16 by   solo1954

Bonjour à tous,

Je suis à la recherche de la partition de Wild Cat Blues pour clarinette.

Merci de votre aide!!!              k

brocante musicale - 11/06/2011 09:08 by accrorythm



à Lohéac en BRETAGNE (35)

Vente de Partitions, Méthodes,Instruments de musique, Eclairages, Sonorisations......

Ouvert aux professionnels et Particuliers

2,50€ le métre linèaire

Inscriptions aux 02/99/34/05/06 ou 06/69/55/22/06

musique - 28/05/2011 17:28 by parain1961

bjr a tous

je recherche dees photos de l'armonie municipal de rousies des annees 1980

je jouais du bugne

merci a tous

articles/livres1.pngidea present - 04/05/2011 11:54 by saxbar
If you do not know what to give, think of a book.

Some new records in Miscellaneous files / Bibliography.

articles/nouveauvenu.pngnewcomers - 01/05/2011 10:01 by saxbar

GRAND CONCERT ANNUEL !! - 18/04/2011 16:21 by Harmonie_Pontault_77

Notre concert annuel à la
salle Jacques brel de
Pontault, le 17 juin à 20h30

Donc tous à vos agendas
Pour libérer votre soirée !

Plus d'infos sur :

articles/partoche2.pngSheet music : new section - 18/04/2011 14:07 by saxbar
Check this new section Chamber music : the clarinet quartet.
Some scores level fairly easy.
I took the opportunity to further enrich the sheet music library with some new features.