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Sentence to think about :  The music, the most beautiful religion in the world where we are not threatened or promised.  Minou Drouet
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Sentence to think about :  The music deserves a second language compulsory in all schools in the world.  Paul Carvel
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The 1st International Festival of Street Musicians  -  by   saxbar

They come from everywhere and nowhere, they are everywhere in our daily lives, we come across every day on street corners, subways, public places and sometimes in rooms or restaurants they show us their passion, music.

Violins, tubas, saxophones, accordions, banjos, harmonica, trumpet, barrel organs, guitars, old bangers, Jumbe, instruments from another world, singers and musicians of all countries to whom we want to provide the time a festival recognition of their talents.
They will entertain you, not as amateurs but professionals thanks to the participation of many new artists or professionals, they will star one day.

More than 300 musicians and singers from the street that will occur during the festival accompanied by hundreds of artists and their idols.

Peter plays the saxophone on the subway, you often cross the line 8, his dream to play with Manu Dibango. Michael sings at the Porte d'Italie, repertoire on major French music and his muse, with whom he hopes to one day sing AXEL RED.
They are but Facias African musicians top notch and want to play with Salif Keita. You see them or rather you hear their voices resonating from Russia that shook the walls of the subway Republic, nine musicians and singers, they want to sing with a great choir.

We can not all you have but you have probably encountered one day, all looking for a godfather, a godmother, a band, an orchestra, a choir, a star who wants to accompany him during the 1st INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF MUSICIANS THE STREET.

The apotheosis all these musicians and singers from the street and all the artists who participated in the festival will play and sing under the direction of a great conductor, a few pieces of generic film music known worldwide.

To succeed in this festival we need you.

Organizing Committee:

Association Loi 1901
87 Bd. Poniatowski
75012 Paris
Tel:01 43 43 84 75

This first staging of street musicians with an international vocation, poverty has no borders will last three days, will be the biggest music festival in the city of Paris.

Here, no question of leaving the limelight to idols and musicians world-famous celebrities will be musicians and singers from the street as we know, the difference is that during the festival they will be accompanied by masterful in this regard.
This is not to accompany them but the ones who will be accompanied by a Playad artists, musicians and singers known.

Can be miserable street will become tomorrow's great musicians, because in this world of the unknown of poverty is a multitude of talented artists.

The scene, saying the scenes for the show because here we have three scenes é loignées enough to have no interference musical, but close enough that viewers can see simultaneously and that under a staged air made by circus people, these children of the ball who often known on the street.

Spectacle of street musicians with a wide opening to the world, show that as unlikely to bring all these musicians in a show of misery and a staging worthy of the biggest stars.

The last evening, night and dream of unreal all these street artists with choirs (300 singers) a philharmonic orchestra, stars, groups, over a thousand people on stage to play together generic best-known films.

When the curtain goes down, they remain a light of their hope in the eyes and memories of a day of glory, or they have been a time in their lives an artist.

Maestro let the fun begin .....

Day 1

The big parade

To announce the 1st INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF STREET MUSICIANS parade will take place in the Place de la Bastille to the site or the festival will take place.
This parade will bring together hundreds of musicians involved in street protests, groups, associations, drums, brass bands, individuals, anyone who plays an instrument that fits in the composition of the parade.
The parade will take place at nightfall with a supervising volunteers who will carry torches to allow visualization by far the long procession of muciciens.

The first squad:
500 drummers all dressed in black, faces painted white
50 fife
50 vieles
100 violins
100 cornenuses and bagpipes
50 bomb
100 accordions

Second squad: Brass
100 slide trombone dressed in white, faces painted black
100 trumpets
100 Saxophone
50 tubas
50 flutes
20 bassoons
+ 20 contrabassoons
50 Clarinet

Third Squad: The percussion
300 djembes dressed in black, faces painted in yellow
50 cases clear
50 drums
30 large boxes
10 drums (on vehicles)
50 cymbals
200 drums of the Bronx

Fourth squad: Musicians of the World

1) Musicians Maghreb
2) Latin American Musicians
3) Musiens of indonesia
4) Asian Musicians
5) Musicians Islands

Fifth Squad: Musicians Festivals
Etc. .......

All musicians have previously marched in groups by instrument, shuttle buses will bring them back to the starting point so they can then scroll with the group from which they come in their costume parade.

ATTENTION: all groups and associations must comply parade walking speed, not stop during the round. Only the bands will participate.


The Festival will be held Friday 2, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4, September 2011.


This evening is reserved for films of generic classical music.
12 film credits are played during this closing concert

Film: A Space Odyssey
Music: Thus Spake Zarathustra (Sunrise)
Composer: Richard Strauss

Film: Apocalypse Now
Music: The Valkyrie
Composer: Wagner

Film: Ones and the Others
Music: Bolero
Composer: Ravel
Orchestras: all orchestras
Choirs: all choirs

Social aspect of the Festival of Street Musicians

The festival organization is directed by a collective of individuals, associations and organizations outside of the musical act to help street people.

The festival will bring a certain sum of money that will be used to conduct operations along the lines of the host associations of the festival.

With the money resulting from that event the amount of profits will be divided as follows.

A total of 50 000 € will be preserved for the organization's second festival.
To date we do not know if we reorganize the festival every year or once every two years.

The remaining profits will be used to provide 30,000 meals to homeless people, which is a continuation of the work of the Chobe and especially the manufacture of 100 studios for street people to be made available to municipalities that provide the ground for install them.

The studios are in wooden frames of total area of 19.95 M2 not require building permits and a kitchen with appliances, oven, hob, fridge-freezer, sink, extractor fan, heater. A bathroom with shower, sink, toilet and water heater. A sofa bed and a table and four chairs.

The studios are manufactured by a company which employs people from the street and sold the studios made at cost.

The granting of these studios will preferably people who want to reintegrate and street musicians.

Organization and Rehearsals
As part of the organization and recruitment of volunteers from the March 15 offices will be open for meetings and the establishment of the organizing committee at 105, rue de Paris, Bobigny. A computer room will be available to volunteer to start on the web all the information about the festival.
The group of volunteers cover 500 to 600 people to oversee the festival for 3 days. 400 volunteers are needed for the parade of the big parade.

Rehearsals and performances of organization:

For the parade:
He will not repeat four squad from the month of May and a week before the big parade a dress rehearsal of all the squads. Rehearsals will take place outdoors or indoors, a room of 520 m2 is allocated for organization.
The dates of the rehearsals are not yet determined, everything will depend on the selection of majors squad and their availability.

The Scenic:

Regarding the stage all the rehearsals and will be staged in a room with auditions March 15 for all participants who will host the show for three days.

The hearings, harmonies, drums, brass bands, orchestras, bandas, pipe-bands groups, choirs, etc. ... this will be from March 15 to April 15 depending on their repertoire and style that can be implemented.
Then a schedule will be set up to organize the rehearsals.
Managers choreographers will be available to them to set up a simple scene based on the music chosen.

Each group will participate in the show on stage will perform two pieces of French and international variety.


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If his name is known to the public, is primarily through the three operas Salome, Elektra and The Rosenkavalier, except through the symphonic poem Thus Spake Zarathustra (1896), including the Prologue, famous throughout the world, was used in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick, exacerbating the misunderstanding about the aesthetic sense of what real musical commentary of a philosophical text.
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